A Review of Setherson’s Bidet Attachment: Should You Get It?

There was a time when hygiene was the least important concern for humanity. Well, that time is long gone. We give proper attention to hygiene, no matter what kind of hygiene it is. Hygiene products are upping their game, and there are new appliances to help people with personal hygiene.

One of these personal hygiene appliances is the bidet. Bidets are widespread now; honestly, it should’ve started sooner. If you’re looking for a bidet for your toilet, the Sethersons bidet attachment is a good option. So, what makes it suitable? Should you get it? Here’s a review of the bidet attachment to help you decide.

What Is a Bidet Attachment?

Before jumping to the review, let’s get the basics cleared up. A bidet and a bidet attachment are two different things. No, they aren’t interchangeable. A bidet is like a fountain; it is a separate fixture from the regions below. Bidets are connected straight to the waterline and push out a water stream for the cleaning part.

Bidet attachment does the same job, but the build is slightly different. A bidet attachment is like an extra tool. It goes under your toilet seat and gives you a more gentle water stream. The main difference between the two is that you have to hold the bidet with your hand, but you won’t have to touch the bidet attachment.

Setherson Bidet Attachment: A Review

Setherson bidet attachment is one of the least complicated attachments you’ll find in the market. This sleek, compact attachment goes with practically all existing toilet settings, so you won’t have to worry about fittings anymore. Setherson’s bidet attachment hides nicely under your toilet seat and cleans the front and rear parts.

Key Features

The Setherson bidet attachment has a lot going for it, but here are a few highlights.

The best feature of this attachment is probably the design. The bidet attachment creates the minimum distance between your toilet seat and the toilet; you’ll barely feel the gap between these two. The control knobs are smooth to use; they also don’t look like oven knobs which is a plus. The nozzles have two options for front and rear cleaning. The front wash nozzle has a more gentle stream than the rear wash.

The technicalities are no less, either. The bidet can do hot and cold streams. You’ll have to connect it to the flush tank for cold water and connect the other part to your sink (or any other hot water outlet) for hot streams. You can also control the pressure of the streams with the knob it comes with. You won’t need any electric connection for it, which is a plus point if you’re leaning towards sustainability. 

Another perk of this bidet attachment is the self-cleaning function. Most people worry about the watermarks on their toilet when they think of a bidet attachment. With its self-cleaning feature, the Setherson bidet attachment will free you from this stress. On top of everything, the attachment is very easy to set up.


And that’s our review of the Setherson bidet attachment. This bidet attachment is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and full of perks. So if you’re looking for a bidet attachment, feel free to give this one a shot!

Charles Lewis

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