Best Hand Massagers in 2023

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Hand massager works as a relaxation therapy to ease hand ache, numbness, and discomfort. But, picking the correct hand massager is complicated enough. Go through this detailed buying guide to find the best hand massagers available in the market.

We believe, with the exact massage on the pressure points, your body will be back in stable condition, including your hands.

Top 10 Best Hand Massagers in 2023

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Best Hand Massagers in 2021

Daiwa Felicity

Rechargeable battery using A/C adapter.

Airbags can endure the three levels of compression.

Plastic-built cordless Hand massager.

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

Serene Life

It has 5 Program Modes with a 6-level pressure point.

Dual vibration intensity levels.

It offers a corded and rechargeable battery.

Best Hand Massagers in 2021


It features the three pressure modes and intensity. 

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.

Optimum safely uses up to 30 min Timer.

Button controlled Panel.

Wireless and portable.

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

Lunix LX7

It offers the four levels of massage and intensity.

The timer features up to 30 min.

Rechargeable battery.

Availability of Touch Screen.

Best Hand Massagers in 2021


A built-in 2500mAh lithium battery.

User-friendly up to 120 minutes.

Cordless and heating are durable with the three modes.

Best Hand Massagers in 2021


Adjustable air pressure roller intensity.

It offers comfort and warms up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

It offers three integrated modes.

Lunix LX3

Six levels of massage & intensity combined compression.

Perfect for all hands sizes.

Soft interior cushion ensures absolute comfort.


It offers six massage and intensity levels.

It has a heat and vibration function.

A built-in rechargeable battery.

Cordless and Usable up to 180 minutes per charge.


Wireless massager suitable especially for senior citizen.

It offers six pressure point therapies with the same levels of intensity.

It reaches optimum temperature within 5 mins.

Evenly distributive ergonomic design.

Acupuncture massage on the full palm.


Multiple settings & Modes.

It weighs 3.5 lbs. 

Duration of heating up to 5 to 7 minutes

1. Best Hand Massagers: Daiwa Felicity

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

Here's the hand massager from Daiwa felicity, specially designed for reducing stiffness and swelling of hands. There's an optional heat therapy by which it releases cramping through the fingers.

By having the full capacity warmth, the heat setting will go at most ten minutes. The three levels of compression enhance movements in your rigid fingers. 

Sliding your hand into the massager in an open design helps to get rid of wrist pain. Also, this massager is portable, and the cordless Lithium-Ion battery is replaceable. To recharge your battery, you just need to have a USB cord or an A/C adapter.


  • Long-enduring battery life
  • The customizable heat setting
  • Transferable power
  • Cordless and rechargeable


  • A bit heavy

2. Best Hand Massagers: SereneLife

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

After a tiresome day, we all need gentle heat therapy to remove the numbness of fingers. That is why the Serenelife hand massager is there to increase hand flexibility using the six-level pressure points.

Your hands will feel warm and moist by using hand compression. It works like a home remedy to promote blood circulation of hands. 

You can personalize your desired setting as there are dual vibration intensity levels. It reaches up to your wrist and relieves chronic illness by placing your hands inside the acupressure. 


  • Personalized vibration setting
  • Suitable for all professional individuals
  • Convenient to use at any place


  • Corded hand massager

3. Best Hand Massagers: Comfier

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

This time, the hand massager is from Comfier with an impressive compression, capable of throwing away daily stress.

It applies three pressure modes with similar levels of intensity to minimize the numbness of hand fingers. You can personalize different levels/settings according to your needs. 

Here, the hand massager is comparatively lighter that allows you to bring it anywhere. The optional heat settings help to ease any swelling and promote regular blood circulation. Using this heat therapy keeps your hand warm and moist.

However, you can recharge its lithium-Ion battery using any available USB cord.


  • Adjustable program settings
  • Wireless massager
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compressive massage mode


  • Buttoned control panel

4. Best Hand Massagers: Lunix LX-7

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

This Lunix-branded hand massager is quite diversified from any other hand massager. It is because it has a variety of advanced features that benefit you in every issue you face.

Here, the massager provides an intense massage adjustably to your needs. There are four levels of massage and intensity that combine both compression and heat. 

After a long day of working, you would not find any better massage to keep your hands inside. Manual or automatic, for each type of work, you need a massage after it finishes.

That is why we highly recommend you enjoy your relaxation mood using this handheld massager. Still, you will be the most beneficial if you invest your penny to purchase it.


  • Sleek design
  • A solution to multi-purpose needs
  • Touch-screen mode
  • Travel-friendly features
  • Lightweight and rechargeable


  • Price is expensive

5. Best Hand Massagers: CINCOM

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

CINCOM brand designs hand massagers especially for women to help in improving their overall well-being. 

There is a 2500mAh lithium battery that can last up to 120 minutes per full charge. A storage bag comes up with this hand massager that makes it more portable and travel-friendly. 

Your preferred heat settings with deep infrared provide heat and warm your cold hand. The ergonomics design relaxes both hands and offers a kneading massage using the four massage heads.

Furthermore, your hand issues regarding dryness and dehydration improve using the air compressor hand massage.


  • Suitable for both hands
  • The Battery lasts up to 120 minutes
  • Easy to carry with a storage bag
  • Dual directions rotate modes
  • Rechargeable with Laptop, cell-phone charger


  • It is unclear whether it is suitable for long hands

6. Best Hand Massagers: HoMove

Best Hand Massagers in 2021

This hand massager from HoMove comes with a dual massage roller, air pressure technology. You can choose the three levels of hand massaging intensity. However, it has the right coverage of pressure to your fingers. 

Besides, this hand massager brings more nutrients and improves blood circulation to injured tissues. Based on your needs, you can choose three integrated modes, including a finger mode. Yet, its heating element is not good enough.


  • Flexible air pressure and roller intensity
  • It covers the right amount of massage pressure.
  • Heat therapy soothes hand stiffness


  • A bit overpriced
  • Heavyweight product

7. Lunix LX3 (Best Overall)

Very few hand massagers have six levels of massage and intensity. Yet, Lunix LX3 makes sure you experience a genuine hand massage. For this reason, they combine both compression and heat to increase the benefits of the massage. 

They have got your back by designing the most effective palm massager depending on your needs. According to their research, patients with Arthritis recovered faster from pain using this massager. 

The interesting fact of this hand massager is its design. The unique design with shiatsu technology works amazingly for long hours.


  • Impressive design
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Additional finger massager
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Price is comparatively higher

8. Belmint

There is a hand massager from Belmint, which works perfectly for relieving sore hands, and stress. The heat functions, including vibration, provide warmth and enhanced blood circulation to your hand.

The cordless design of this hand massager makes it more transportable. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts longer, up to 180 minutes.

There is a 15-minutes auto-shutoff function to avoid overheating. From Christmas to Birthday, you get Belmint as a perfect present to deliver.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wireless and rechargeable.
  • Noiseless device
  • A great value for money
  • Easier to store and transport


  • No available rollers
  • Heat functions could reach a little more than 102F

9. Cunmiso

Although hand massager is useful for all ages, the Cunmiso branded hand massager particularly focuses on senior citizens' satisfaction. No matter which profession you are in, the hand massager improves your blood circulation by reducing pain.

But, there is a recommendation about battery charging. You must use a 5V2A adapter with the type C cord included with the package.

Like every six-level modes hand massager, it tends to be cordless. The ergonomic design puts pressure evenly to every point of palm and wrist.

There's a fixed 15 min timer that allows it to be automatically turn off. On the other hand, the optimum temperature of the heat function reaches within 5 minutes.


  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Perfectly fits with every hand size
  • Automated power offsetting
  • Noiseless and lightweight
  • Affordable price range


  • Only a specific adapter and cord can charge it

10. LifePro

Using air compression therapy, the hand machine of LifePro relieves the pain of critical illnesses like Arthritis and carpal tunnel wrist. There are three massage modes, and air pressure improves circulation.

It works like a heated hand therapy that reaches up to 7 minutes and gently pressures your hands, palm, and finger. 

An LED control panel comes up with this massager and displays options for instant relief. Even, you can use it as a pre-workout warm-up as well as a post-workout recovery. By improving your overall well-being, the therapeutic massagers promote faster healing.


  • Multiple mode settings
  • Movable with fabric storage bag
  • It weighs comparatively light
  • The LED Control panel comes up with the color-changing format
  • No worries about batteries


  • Less suitable for extra-large hands

Best Hand Massagers: An In-depth Buying Guide

Quality and comfort should be the priority to look for in a hand massager. You must consider certain features- types, air compressor, and heat system while choosing a hand massager based on your preference.

Manual vs. Electric

Most of the hand massagers tend to be electric. They come with replaceable batteries and are operable with electricity. Applying pressure on your hands using air compression is the main feature of some electric hand massagers. But, people choose them when they do not find heat massagers effective enough.

Apart from the electric hand massager, there are wooden and metal manual massagers. They relieve pain by going over pressure points of the hands. 

Rechargeable and Wireless Feature

As we have said before, electric hand massagers have replaceable and cordless features too. A massager with a durable battery life can be usable for up to 180 min per charge. Because of the cordless features, hand massagers are travel-friendly and do not take long to charge.

Heating System

The heating function can be beneficial to you if you live in a cold climate. In connective tissues of your hands, heat minimizes rigidity, inflammation and increases blood circulation. To use a massager with a heating system, you need to check out its adjustability to the optimum temperature level.

Hand Coverage

Hand coverage is one of the significant features to look into it. A hand massager covers your full palm, including fingers, and reaches up to your wrist. Having pain in the wrist area will not be solved if you buy a massager that only covers your palm. 

Besides, hand massagers come in features- only for small hands or for long hands. Take a glance at your chosen massager if it has such features or not.

Air Compression with Efficiency

Air compressor with pressure modes eradicates your pain by providing warmth and comforts at hand. You can see this feature primarily in the hand massager for Arthritis patients. 

Customizable Settings 

Hand massagers come in a customizable setting with a variety of modes based on comforts. They are custom-built as we do not have the same shape. Depending on your type of hands- soft hands, stiffed hands you can activate various pressure modes. 

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Priority to the Safety

You can test your chosen device before purchasing to ensure whether it is safe to use. Using heated or electric massagers needs proper caution. There is no place for a dysfunctional device when it is about the benefits of one’s own. 


Purchasing something that improves your health would always be a wise investment, no matter how much you pay for it. Hand massagers that are available in the market are pretty affordable. Still, increasing your budget can get you a massager with customizable features.  

Moreover, suffering from chronic illness- carpal tunnel, arthritis may be a great solution if you use massagers. 

Final Words

Today, you can have transportable massagers in an affordable budget. Because of the best quality modes and intensity levels, we get pain relief faster than ever. Safety first- feature puts every brand to ensure the top-notch quality of its product. 

However, our suggested hand massagers uphold market standards. We would love to recommend you the Lunix LX3 Cordless electric hand massager due to its unique design and effective hand palm massage!  

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